Saturday, 16 February 2013

Capita BBC TV Licensing's Card & Run Scam

Please raise a hand those who have received one of these hand delivered “I called” cards recently. Please raise a hand those who thought it had been hand delivered by one of Capita BBC TV Licensing’s door hammering uncapped commission paid tv licence sales thugs. Please raise a hand those who thought they were bang to rights, panicked and purchased a tv licence. Introducing Capita BBC TV Licensing’s latest big idea under the cover of the BBC TV Licensing contract on behalf of the BBC to maximise BBC tv licence revenue. Capita BBC TV Licensing "phantom visits " by G4S employees. Thanks, no doubt, "to the unique way it is funded" this is being done for and on behalf of the world's favourite self-appointed independent and impartial state broadcaster, the British Broadcasting Corporation. Also, no doubt, it is being done with the full knowledge and connivance of the BBC and, of course, with their seal of wholehearted approval. Although the BBC will try to wriggle out of any knowledge of this and deny direct involvement with this activity by claiming that G4S have been contracted by Capita Business Services to undertake it the BBC still have overall responsibility for all activities done under the BBC TV Licensing contract.

As with most things Capita BBC TV Licensing it is, as illustrious fellow blogger, Watchkeeper, would cannily term it, all bluster, intimidation and misinformation. If any people were panicked and purchased a BBC tv licence, Capita BBC TV Licensing’s bluster, intimidation and misinformation worked. As with most things Capita BBC TV Licensing things are not as they at first seem. On careful reading of the text, people unwise enough to take the nonsense printed thereon at face value might reasonably believe that one of Capita BBC TV Licensing's door hammering uncapped commission paid tv licence sales oiks had paid them a visit. In this instance, nothing could be further from the truth.

This blogpost comes courtesy of two TV Licence Resistance forum members. One of whom received the hand delivered “I called” card and the other who was present at a time when a hand delivered “I called” card was delivered and he decided to investigate further. Thanks to them both, TV Licensing Watch, is both thankful and appreciative.

In their own words here are extracts of what they saw.

MS "Today I was casually looking out of my window and being nosy when a black hatchback pulled up with G4S on the sides and bonnet; the bloke looked at some paperwork and then walked over to my front door. He hadn't brought his brain cell with him because he couldn't match the door number with that on his paperwork - door number is perfectly clear; he then wandered about for a few seconds before returning to my front door and placed a paper under my front door drip strip - he made no attempt to enter - he never knocked or rang the door bell.

Paper work he left just stated "I called" with the 'Officer' initials of "RS" and the date. Opening the paper it's headed "We called today to help you start watching TV legally" - similar to the "We said we'd call" leaflet I received in Dec 2010.

Goon is late 50s or early 60s - registration number KY62 YZM"

VR "Took some time out today to visit a colleague on long term sick leave. While I was there, one of the blue "I called" threatocards came through the letter box. There was no knock at the door. It turned out to be some G4S *rsehole with a handful of the f*cking things. . . .

Note the handheld pda: as each one was delivered he input it on the device. Despite claiming to estate staff that he was a utility meter reader to gain entry to the block, no utility meters were read."


“G4S card and run terror campaign on behalf of crapita bbc tvltm.

. . . . . . .
They get G4S to deliver "I called" threatocards to try and con unlicensed people into thinking they've been "detected" and panic them into rash and hasty tv licence buying activity. Even though a crapita bbc tvltm goon hadn't done the visit.
. . . . . . .
As a matter of interest, the threatocard delivering G4S *rsehole didn't knock on a single door, didn't read a single utility meter. He just shoved a threatocard through the letter box, input on the handheld pda device, readied the next threatocard for the next letterbox, one after another after another. “Card and run” in door to door delivery jargon . He delivered a total of 14 threatocards in the time he was in my view. And of course gained easy entry to blocks of flats by deceitfully claiming he'd come to read the meter. Easy entry to blocks of flats with secure entryphone access isn't something crapita bbc tvltm filth can do or like having to deal with.”

Once again the depths to which Capita BBC TV Licensing will descend to try and maximise BBC tv licence revenue has been demonstrated by what really amounts to scam and deception. Surprise, surprise.

The value of domestic cctv surveillance and handheld video camera can prove invaluable in gathering evidence of the serial abuses and misdemeanours perpetrated by employees of Capita Business Services under cover of the BBC TV Licensing™ contract. TV Licensing Watch advise anybody who has the misfortune to have face to face dealings with Capita Business Services TV Licensing™ to make an audio-visual record of those dealings in their entirety covertly or overtly with cctv and handheld video cameras.

For people who have not exercised their right to remain silent, TV Licensing Watch advise anybody who has had the misfortune to have face to face dealings with Capita Business Services TV Licensing™ and have received a summons as a consequence to contact a licensed law practitioner if: there is the slightest discrepancy between the actual situation regarding viewing habits and/or what actually happened during the interview compared with what has been written on the TVL178 Record of Interview self incrimination form.