Thursday, 23 August 2012

Show trials

Among the mail delivered today was a missive addressed to "Legal Occupier". Being one of the legal occupiers, I read the missive. It was from TV Licensing™. For those of you who don't know, TV Licensing™ is a trademarked umbrella trading name created by the British Broadcasting Corporation Ltd (BBC). It is under the umbrella of TV Licensing™ that companies contracted by the BBC operate the BBC's TV Licensing™ contract. The missive concerned is but one product of many of the BBC TV Licensing™ contract. I am not unique, the postman regularly delivers several hundred at a time; so he tells me and I have no reason to disbelieve him.

The missive I read had the subject heading "What to expect in court" and it contained a direct threat to the person who read it. Failure to procure a television licence would lead to prosecution, a fine of up to £1,000 plus costs. The missive and the threat it conveyed got TV Licensing Watch wondering.

What have the BBC and repressive political regimes got in common? Both use a judicial system as a means of control and repression. Another feature in common between, for example, the show trials of past totalitarian Marxist regimes and prosecutions brought by TV Licensing™ is, that for successful conviction, both rely on confession and not on actual exhibited evidence presented to a court.

Rather than rely on actual physical evidence presented to a court, TV Licensing™ rely on what is known as a TVL178 Record of Interview form. Under the BBC TV Licensing™ contract, employees of Capita Business Services visit unlicensed addresses door to door completing these record of interview forms getting people to sign them and then the completed forms are processed by the Capita Business Services TV Licensing™ prosecution sausage machine. Under the TV Licensing™ contract public relations companies boast in the press how many hundreds of thousands of people every year get prosecuted for and on behalf of the BBC.

Whenever you pass a magistrates court think about the BBC's show trials that take place within. The chances are that apart from magistrates, court staff and TV Licensing™ prosecutor the court itself will be deserted. The BBC doesn't like its dirty work in the magistrates courts to be witnessed by anyone; so make some time, go in and see for yourself how the BBC likes its show trials to be conducted. It will be more informative than reading TV Licensing™ template newspaper articles in the local press.

The value of domestic cctv surveillance and handheld video camera can prove invaluable in gathering evidence of the serial abuses and misdemeanours perpetrated by employees of Capita Business Services under cover of the BBC TV Licensing™ contract. TV Licensing Watch advise anybody who has the misfortune to have face to face dealings with Capita Business Services TV Licensing™ to make an audio-visual record of those dealings in their entirety covertly or overtly with cctv and handheld video cameras.

For people who have not exercised their right to remain silent, TV Licensing Watch advise anybody who has had the misfortune to have face to face dealings with Capita Business Services TV Licensing™ and have received a summons as a consequence to contact a licensed law practitioner if: there is the slightest discrepancy between the actual situation regarding viewing habits and/or what actually happened during the interview compared with what has been written on the TVL178 Record of Interview self incrimination form.

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