Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Moral Values? What Are They?

This blogpost is about what happens in the UK when two lots of scumbag career sociopaths with moral values lower than animals act for and on behalf of another lot of scumbag career sociopaths with moral values lower than paedophiles and predatory sex criminals when they have the effrontery and impudence, as they clearly have here, to attempt an abuse of process on an ordinary UK household.

The two lots of scumbag career sociopaths with moral values lower than animals are Capita Business Services BBC TV Licensing™ and Police in that both resorted to dissembling, distortion and deception. Three things that animals do not resort to. The remaining lot of scumbag career sociopaths with moral values lower than paedophiles and predatory sex criminals are the BBC. They were aware of sex crimes on BBC premises and failed to report them, by doing so they tacitly approved those sex crimes, so they are worse than the perpetrators of those sex crimes. The subject of this blogpost is the attempted execution of a search warrant obtained by Capita BBC TV Licensing™ for and on behalf of the BBC under the terms of the Service Provision Agreement between Capita Business Services and the BBC and what Capita BBC TV Licensing™ and Police actually did during the attempted execution of the aforementioned search warrant.
The main people involved are Police Sergeant 70553, Ian Doyle of Capita BBC TV Licensing™ and two householders referred to here as HH1 and HH2. As you will see and hear, the video opens with:

PS70553 “Hello, we’re here with colleagues from the TV. They just need to check your property to see if you’ve got a TV ‘cos you haven’t paid for tv licence . . . “ (Point: Capita BBC TV Licensing™ and Police are completely separate private and public entities so are not “colleagues” of Police)
HH1 “Do you have a warrant? . . . (Doyle hands warrant to PS70553)
PS70553 “We have a warrant . . . “ (Point: It is not “we have a warrant” the warrant was requested by and issued to Capita BBC TV Licensing™ it is their warrant not a Police warrant. PS70553 shouldn’t even be in possession of it never mind trying to execute it on behalf of Capita BBC TV Licensing™) . . “we just need to check if you’ve got a tv. If you haven’t it’s fine.” (Point: “we” again. Tv licensing is not a Police matter it is a matter for Capita BBC TV Licensing™ only)
HH1 “ . . it’s not criminal. Has there been a report of a crime Constable?” (Point: HH1 is making PS70553 aware that it is not a Police matter)
PS70553 “There’s a warrant here sworn out in from of a judge that grants us power to enter and search your house.” (Point: The warrant only grants that to Capita BBC TV Licensing™)
HH1 “What’s the evidence of this?”
PS70553 “Everything you need to know is in the warrant.”
HH1 “Do we know who signed it and stuff?”
PS70553 “A justice of the Peace.”
HH1 “So, if you come in here and you find that there’s no tv, who do we contact and make a complaint to?”
PS70553 “That’ll be TV Licensing™”
Doyle “That’ll be BBC TV Licensing™”
HH1 “So they’re a private company so why do they come round harassing people?”
HH2 “If I’ve got a television. I could have a hundred televisions in here, I don’t need a tv licence to have a hundred televisions. It’s only if I’m watching live tv.” (Point: Factually correct)
Doyle and PS70553 “Yeah, that’s right.”
HH2 “And have you got any evidence that I’m watching live tv?” (Point: Capita BBC TV Licensing™ have no concrete proof)
Doyle “We have evidence that there’s been live tv.” (Point: They have not)
HH1 “No there’s not! . . . If we don’t let you in what happens?”
Doyle “We do have rights and powers of entry, we do not exercise them, Sir.” (Point: They do not exercise them because they have no concrete proof of live broadcast receiving licence evasion. They dare not take the risk. If Capita BBC TV Licensing™ were to break in and enter and they found no television or no capability to receive live tv broadcasts:1 They would have lied while under oath to a Justice of the Peace to get the search warrant; 2 The damage to the property would exceed the £145.50 value of a BBC broadcast receiving licence and Capita BBC TV Licensing™ would be liable for damages and costs; 3 The resulting bad publicity would cause the BBC severe reputational damage)
HH1 “. . . . so, will you break in? Break and enter?”
PS70553 “We have a power to enter under the warrant, OK. They can’t 100% guarantee that the signals received from the van were from this house . . .” (Point: Admission that Capita BBC TV Licensing™ have no concrete proof)
HH1 “. . . this isn’t a criminal matter” (Point: HH1 again tells PS70553 that tv licensing enforcement is not a Police matter)
PS70553 “The law’s very clear. If you have a tv you need a tv licence.” (Point: Untrue. PS70553 has already been told that tv ownership does not require a tv licence and also that it is not a criminal matter that concerns Police)
HH1 “This is a civil matter between the occupiers of this house and the BBC. . . “ (Point: Factually correct)
PS70553 “But not paying for a tv licence is a criminal offence.” (Point: Not a criminal offence that requires Police enforcement so it is not a Police matter)
HH1 “ . . . . Fact is, you don’t have any evidence whether we’ve got a tv in here or not. If you come in.”
HH2 “. . and you’ve got to have foundation evidence. Where’s your foundation evidence?”
HH1 “ . . and you’ve just said it’s not 100%”
Doyle “ . . .there’s been numerous letters to you asking you . . . “ (Point: Irrelevant, nobody is under any obligation to respond to Capita BBC TV Licensing™’s letters)
HH2 “ . . . and I’ve responded to all of them letters.”
HH1 “. . . . and you as a Sergeant should be fully aware of this” (His duties to police criminal law under his oath)
PS70553 “All we are here for is to prevent a breach of the peace.” (Point: That is the only reason Police are in attendance. They are not there to speak, act, assist or be used as a “battering ram” to gain entry for and on behalf of Capita BBC TV Licensing™; which is seemingly what has happened up to now)
HH1 “You should be keeping the peace. You shouldn’t be helping them and be neutral.”
HH2 “You’re on his side. . . way you’re coming across, you’re on his side.”
HH1 “Someone who didn’t know their rights would be intimidated by all youse guys turning up, knocking on doors say you must let them in. OK. So we know we don’t have to let you in. It’s our choice whether we want to let you in. Yeah?” (Point: In the search warrants issued to Capita BBC TV Licensing™ that TV Licensing Watch are aware of, people have been intimidated into letting them in due to Police deception and claims by Police that it is a Police warrant. Doors have been opened and the occupants violently pushed aside (assaulted) by Police acting for and on behalf of Capita BBC TV Licensing™. A gross violation of occupants’ rights, civil liberties and breach of procedure)
Doyle “Do you watch television, Sir, for live programmes?” (Point: Attempt to incriminate the householders. If Doyle had concrete proof he would not need to ask that question. Nobody is obliged to respond anyway)
HH1 “Do I watch tv?”
Doyle “Do you watch tv?” . . .
Doyle “ Do you watch tv within the property for live programmes?”
HH1”Do we have to answer your questions?” (Point: They do not)
Doyle “Just asking on a personal basis.” (Point: No he was not. It was a blatant attempt to get someone to incriminate themselves in the presence of other witnesses (Police). Doyle is not allowed to ask questions “on a personal basis” he is there on Capita BBC TV Licensing™ business)
HH1 “Do I have an obligation to answer anything?”
HH2 “Are you a public servant?”
Doyle “No”
HH2 “No. So you’re working for private gain. You’re trying to get money from us for a private company . . . but you’re working for a private company”
Doyle “No” (Point: He is working for a private company)
HH2 “Capita, Capita . . “
Doyle “I need to ascertain the situation, Sir”
HH2 “Capita . . “
HH1 “Under what authority are you here?”
Doyle “Under the Communications Act 2003” (There follows a lengthy Freeman of the Land dispute about the difference between Acts and Law)
Doyle “Do you watch tv within the property?” (Point: Even though he’s failed before Doyle tries the “surprise question” trick in another blatant and futile attempt to incriminate someone in the presence of other witnesses)
HH2 “I’m not obliged to answer no questions that you put to me because I haven’t broken any Law, yeah, and I have the right to remain silent. Which the Sergeant will agree.”
Doyle “I’m working under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.”
HH1 “So, we don’t have to answer your questions. It’s our right not to let you into the house under Human Rights Act. You know what happened in Nazi Germany, where it was just, er, human beings doing it to other human beings. So, we’ve got a situation in this world, this country now where, er, same sort of things’ happening. You’re coming and you’re, er, harassing people for what? A bit of money. Over nothing. But we’ve not hurt anyone. We’re not criminals. . . . Why you here harassing us?” (More lengthy argument)
HH1 “So, if you come in here, so if you come in here and found a tv if you come in here and found a tv; do you have any proof that we’ve been watching that tv? . . . You have to have absolute concrete evidence even if we had a tv in here.” (Point: The evidential flaw at the very heart of the whole BBC TV Licensing™ regime. So why have millions and millions of people been prosecuted?)
HH2 “It’s all circumstantial”
PS70553 “I don’t make the rules. . . “
HH1 “But you follow orders and that’s what happened in Nazi Germany. . . . It’s very dangerous when don’t use your mind and you just follow orders.”
PS70553 “I’m just doing my job at the end of the day.” (Point: He’s been exceeding his breach of the peace remit)
HH2 “Well, you’re not.”
HH1 “You’re not here as criminal, you’re here as civil.”
PS70553 “Which we do as well it part of our. . . “ (Point: Not when it comes to BBC TV Licensing™. Police are in attendance to prevent a breach of the peace only)
HH1 “Police don’t do civil.”
HH2 “You took an oath”
HH1 “You’re doing civil. It's there "criminal". And like you said you’re here to keep the . . . “
PS70553 “We do have certain powers under the warrant.” (Point: It isn’t a Police warrant)
HH2 “Hold on, hold on. Have you forgotten your oath? If you’ve forgotten your oath, I’ll read it to you.”
PS70553 “You don’t need to . . . “
HH1 “Cos it don’t mention anything to do with civil under your oath, yeah. . . “
Doyle: It seems to me that I can now say that he’s now obstructing and . . . . you may have to go through an arrest.” (Point: Doyle’s attempted incitement to make Police take an action which is beyond their authority. There has been no breach of the peace. Doyle has not been able to contrive such a breach of the peace. It is not a warrant issued to Police that’s being queried. The warrant was requested by and issued to Capita BBC TV Licensing™ on behalf of the BBC)
HH1 and HH2 “What are we obstructing?” (Point: Technically, they are not abstructing)
HH1 “Wasn’t it the BBC that stood up for Jimmy Savile when he molested all them kids and you’re working for the same corporation, Dad? How does that make you feel? Have you got grand kids and kids? Working for that same system that enslaves people. Makes their lives a misery.”
HH1 “Have you read the notices on the door?”
HH2 “Implied rights of access have been denied for the BBC.”
Doyle “Yes, I’ve seen it.”
HH2 “You’re still here so you’re trespassing.”

That’s it with gaps here and there for complex and lengthy argument; and so it goes on for several minutes more. Capita BBC TV Licensing™’s attempt to once again habitually exploit Police as a “battering ram” certainty to gain entry unlawfully is at long last thwarted by UK householders who know their rights under the Law. About time too.

At the beginning of this post the “moral values” of the BBC, Capita BBC TV Licensing™ and Police were highlighted. However, it seems to us at TV Licensing Watch that the most amoral of the amoral in the whole disgusting BBC tv licence set-up are those in Whitehall and Westminster. Public servants in The Treasury, Department of Media, Culture and Sport, Home Office and Ministry of Justice who formulate and administer the disreputable policies that sustain the BBC tv licence as well as Members sitting in both Houses of Parliament who enact and maintain the BBC tv licence as an instrument of oppression.

Once again the value of domestic cctv surveillance and handheld video camera proves invaluable in gathering evidence of the serial abuses and misdemeanours perpetrated by employees of Capita Business Services under cover of the BBC TV Licensing contract. TV Licensing Watch advise anybody who has the misfortune to have face to face dealings with Capita Business Services TV Licensing to make an audio-visual record of those dealings in their entirety covertly or overtly with cctv and handheld video cameras.

TV Licensing Watch advise anybody who has had the misfortune to have face to face dealings with Capita Business Services TV Licensing and have received a summons as a consequence to contact a licensed law practitioner if there is the slightest discrepancy between what actually happened and what was recorded on the TVL178 Prosecution Statement.

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