Sunday, 8 September 2013

Crimebodge: The BBC - A Charity Appeal

It is not often that we at TV Licensing Watch have the opportunity to publish a link to a blogpost about the lighter side of the very murky BBC TV Licence and its crass enforcement by Capita BBC TV Licensing™. However, “BBC Charity Appeal – Save Them From Having to get Proper Jobs” blogpost published by Talbot Munce at Crimebodge UK Plod Watch earlier this year is just too good an opportunity to miss.

Make no mistake though, beneath his scathing and acerbic humour, Talbot Munce, always has a serious point to make and makes it very well indeed. In this case his scathing and acerbic humour is directed at the BBC, its "management" and about the very existence of the BBC tv licence. Especially bearing in mind the recent revelations about the BBC in relation to managerial incompetence, excessive remunerations, excessive executive golden goodbyes, excessive payoffs for failure, serial project mismanagement, programme fakery scandals, telephone phone-in fakery scandals, biased reporting scandals, repeatedly misleading Parliament, child sex scandals . . . . . . . . to name just the few that have been widely publicised.

We regard Crimebodge an excellent Blog of Note. If you were previously unaware of Crimebodge may we suggest that you add Crimebodge to your bookmarks.


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