Saturday, 5 March 2016


A very short blogpost from TV Licensing Watch.

We present a link to CMS Secretary of State, John Whittingdale’s, keynote opening speech delivered 2 March 2016 at the Oxford Media Convention 2016.

What particularly interested us at, TV Licensing Watch, was, what Secretary of State, Whittingdale, failed to say and the way in which he failed to say it.

The BBC introduced BBC iPlayer in the full knowledge it would be a no TV licence needed serviceSince only the BBC offer iPlayer and nobody else does, TV Licensing Watch, offer no comment other than to point out that we hope what Secretary of State, Whittingdale, actually did say is abundantly clear to everyone, including the, BBC, and every single one of their, TV Licensing™ contractors, in particular, Capita BBC TV Licensing™ who recently Tweeted this:

Please make a very careful note of the following: "These proposed changes to that rule only apply to BBC iPlayer"

In common with nearly everyone else in the anti-BBC TV licence movement, we, at TV Licensing Watch, are wondering just exactly how what we have highlighted will actually be enforced by Capita BBC TV Licensing™’s door hammering, target driven, commission rewarded, door to door thugs.

It seems to us at TV Licensing Watch that "closing the BBC iPlayer loophole" opens up a can of really nasty, putrid enforcement worms and we and others in the anti-BBC TV licence fee movement see no end to the present regime of enforcement scams and abuses. 

The value of domestic CCTV surveillance and handheld video camera can prove invaluable in gathering evidence of the serial abuses and misdemeanours perpetrated by employees of Capita Business Services under cover of the BBC TV Licensing™ contract. TV Licensing Watch advise anybody who has the misfortune to have face to face dealings with Capita Business Services TV Licensing™ to make an audio-visual record of those dealings in their entirety covertly or overtly with CCTV and handheld video cameras.

For people who have not exercised their right to remain silent, TV Licensing Watch advise anybody who has had the misfortune to have face to face dealings with Capita BBC TV Licensing™ and have received a summons as a consequence to contact a licensed law practitioner if: there is the slightest discrepancy between the actual situation regarding viewing habits and/or what actually happened during the interview compared with what has been written on the TVL178 Record of Interview self incrimination form.

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